"what i was meant to say was, that the keyboard on my macbook computer isn’t working so i can’t make premades anymore because i need the keyboard to take the print screens, and then the shortcuts on they keyboard to edit the pics. i could do it without, but it’d take me about 6-7 minutes each photo whereas it’d normally take me under a minute with the keyboard helping me. i honestly don’t know what i can do til i get it fixed, but i hope you guys will still follow me because trust me, when i come back you will all have an amazing surprise… sorry for the let down, by the way."

hey guys so like um, my keyboard on my mac.. where i make premades.. isnt really working, and it will be getting fixed at an apple store soon so like i wont be able to make premades as often as i used to. idk how long this will be, but i will try and post as much as i can. itll be really hard but ill do my best. yea h bye. im typing this on my other computer but it doesnt have photoshop oops 

Anonymous: lots of amber heard pls? 

done. if you want more, send in another request! :)

Anonymous: Younger Vanessa Hudgens premades? Please and Thank you! 

done some and ill carry on making them!